Dear Spice Lover,

We are addressing you from Mersin, which has been the cradle of civilizations throughout history. Our company’s activities are in spice production, sales and marketing areas with years of experience. Our company, which is one of the leading companies in the sector, has not compromised on its quality since the day it was founded and has increased its product range day by day. Our company’s plants are cropped by our in-house farmers in the production area. With our understanding of service that does not compromise on quality, we rigorously conduct various tests on spices grown by our farmers from field to the last stage; after we receive confirmation from our quality control experts, filling and packaging is done in a completely hygienic environment.

We bring unique spices from Anatolia’s fertile soil for you. The taste and the flavor of our spices are the biggest indicators of our quality. Our spices add flavor to food and turn into a sweet smile on the face of a family in a dinner. It offers happiness and flavor to guests and starts a pleasant conversation on where to find spices of this quality… Be prepared. 😊

As Hicaz Spice, we’re here to bring flavor into your life with our quality, safe, affordable products.